Become a PKFARE Buyer and Upgrade Your Global Purchasing Resources and Technical Support

Whether you are an OTA, a travel wholesaler or agent, travel agency, or travel management company, as a PKFARE buyer, you can connect to the world’s leading travel product purchasing network and gain access to expert technical support.

Solutions for OTAs

Through long-term cooperation with various OTAs around the world, PKFARE provides API and complete search engines for OTAs to support a fully automated process including searching, booking, pricing, order generating, automatic ticketing and confirmation. This allows any OTA website to optimize their website with ticketing and hotel resources through a series of interfaces. OTAs can comprehensively improve customer search and booking rates with rich product offerings and competitive prices. In addition, PKFARE can provide targeted solutions, ensuring that OTAs maximize profits.

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Solutions for Wholesalers and Agents

PKFARE has established long-term, strategic partnerships with wholesalers and agents from more than 100 countries around the world. To help partners accelerate growth, we provide a complete B2B distribution SaaS program to assist wholesalers in upgrading to the industry’s leading fully-automated online distribution model. Wholesalers and agents can issue tickets and implement automation for invalidated tickets, change dates and issue refunds. In addition, PKFARE also provides solutions based on API and white label for consumer-facing wholesalers and agents.

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Solutions for Travel Agencies

Knowing that travel agencies need a diverse variety of products and competitive prices to provide consumers with more personalized options, PKFARE provides group air tickets, seat reservations and many other travel products and functions in line with the customer’s business needs according to the needs of travel consultants. In addition, if you have travel products, such as private rooms, chartered flights or group seats that need to be distributed, you can take advantage of PKFARE’s online and offline distribution channels in over 100 countries to sell your products to all kinds of partners.

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Solutions for Travel Management Companies

One of the most important tasks for travel management companies is to help corporate customers reduce travel costs and maintain a high level of service quality. PKFARE specifically finds service providers that meet high travel service standards for travel agencies from global sellers and displays corresponding service guarantee labels. In addition, for travel management companies with travel booking platforms, PKFARE can also provide API interfaces to help the platforms automate all end-to-end processes from search pricing to ticket issuance.

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