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About Us is one of the largest market place worldwide targeting at providing air tickets, hotels and destination products.

By linking and aggregating multiple GDSs, hotel chains, air ticket consolidators, hotel consolidators, and destination management companies, provides a real time inventory data and best buy rate comparison to its purchasers worldwide, and a seamless multi-lingual customer service for 24/7 hours provided by its powerful operation team. Currently, PKFARE cooperates with leading GDSs like Travelsky, Travelport, Amadeus, Sabre, Farelogix, Infini, Axess and QuickRes. aggregated real time data, products and services from more than hundreds of suppliers in about 50 countries and areas, covered over 400 airlines, 400,000 hotels and more than 20 destination management companies in Asia, Oceania, Europe, Africa, North America and Latin America. provides nearly 20 million flight and hotel data to over 1000 purchasers in more than 20 countries, and produces thousands of transactions.


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  • Jun, 2016 PKFARE covered more than 400 airlines
    Mar, 2016 Signed contract with the leading GDS Sabre
    Dec, 2015 Products covered more than 40 countries
    Nov, 2015 Accomplished hotel product of, trail operation
    Sep, 2015 average daily orders exceed 3000
    Sep, 2015 Aggregated more than 300 worldwide suppliers
  • Aug, 2015 Signed contract with the leading GDS Amadeus
    Jul, 2015 on live business, average daily orders exceed 2000
    Jun, 2015 Accomplished angel investment, Shenzhen Investment Corp and Zhangqu became shareholder
    May, 2015 Welcomed the 100 team member
    Apr, 2015 Accomplished air tickets product of, trail operation
    Mar, 2015 Aggregated over 200 worldwide suppliers
  • Jan, 2015 Aggregated over 100 worldwide suppliers
    Nov, 2014 Established London branch company
    Oct, 2014 Established Hong Kong branch company
    Sep, 2014 Aggregated over 50 worldwide suppliers
    Aug,2014 Accomplished the structure of the fundamental team
    Jul, 2014 Signed Strategic contract with the largest GDS Travelport
    Jun, 2014 Established at Shenzhen Qianhai Free Trade Area