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One Search, Worldwide Resource

  • ● One Click to compare all private fares and discounts worldwide
  • ● Automatically compare different airline availability in different POS
  • ● Customized price display to your local currency with best rate

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One Access, Multiple GDS

  • ● Integrate low fare advantage of different GDS in one platform
  • ● The most accurate availability data in different POS
  • ● Direct confirmation on the booking through best airline link level

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One Standard, Different Market

  • ● Integrate different global air ticket market rules into one market place
  • ● Wipe away barriers in currency, time zone, cultural and language
  • ● Auto ticketing on more than 400 airline stocks

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One Website, Worldwide Cloud Server

  • ● Visiting takes only one second at anywhere anytime
  • ● Always on line in any situation
  • ● Keep you connected to airline and GDS


PKFARE API can seamlessly integrated into your company's existing booking tool or searching engine with standard shopping/pricing/booking/ticketing function, extending your arms of searching for lowest airfare.

  • ● Access to multi Global Distribution System data feeds
  • ● Source global airfares of 400+ airlines across 50+ point of sale countries with a single integration
  • ● Host on highly scalable infrastructure and stable server
  • ● Compliant with OTA standard XML schemas

White Label Solution

  • ● Faster build your own brand website and mass time focus in marketing
  • ● Enable to manage sub-agents more efficiently on a single platform and provide distribution solution
  • ● Improve the operation efficiency on reporting analysis
  • ● Cost free for software and hardware, tested and proven