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PKFARE celebrates 9th anniversary and Xi’an office relocation
9th anniversary, Xi'an office relocation

Today marks a momentous occasion for PKFARE as we commemorate our 9th anniversary and the relocation of our Xi'an office!

We are incredibly proud of the milestones we have achieved over the past 9 years. From humble beginnings with 8 team members, PKFARE has boasted a team of nearly 200 talented individuals. Our office spaces have also evolved, transitioning from a compact 20m2 space to expansive locations in Shenzhen, Beijing, Xi'an, and Seattle. Our business scope has expanded as well, encompassing air tickets, hotels, airline solutions, big data, and financial services, reaching more than 100 countries and regions worldwide.

The 9th anniversary of PKFARE is an exceptional milestone, particularly as we emerge stronger from the challenges posed by the COVID pandemic. With unwavering resilience, adaptability, and innovation, we not only weathered the storm but surpassed our pre-pandemic levels. In 2022, our revenue overtook pre-pandemic, generating profits in the millions of yuan(CNY). Our growth has remained robust throughout the first half of 2023.

In line with our commitment to business development, the Xi'an office was established in July 2021 as a hub for R&D and customer service. Since then, the Xi'an team has grown from a single individual to a close-knit group of nearly 60 talented professionals. As we celebrate our 9th anniversary, we also mark the relocation of the Xi'an office to a brand-new space, perfectly timed to accommodate our expanding team.

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Situated at the heart of the high-tech zone, our new Xi'an office covers an area of 690 square meters and it can accommodate 100+ workstations. With spacious layout and floor-to-ceiling windows, it provides a truly inviting and inspiring workplace.

The new office also has a nice pantry, equipped with coffee machine, refrigerator, microwave ovens, and comfortable dining sets. This serves as a reminder for PKFARErs to lead a healthy life amidst busy work.

In celebration of the office relocation and the 9th anniversary, PKFARE launched a series of employee activities, such as "showcasing the collection of PKFARE peripheral products", "'x9999'-step count challenge" and "PKFARErs onboarded 'x99' days to send blessings".

Some of PKFARE peripheral products

‘x9999’-step count challenge

Over the past 9 years, PKFARE has achieved impressive growth, thanks to the dedication of every PKFAREr. Looking to the future, every step forward for PKFARE will undoubtedly bring both opportunities and challenges. We believe PKFARErs will continue to overcome difficulties, create possibilities, and witness PKFARE grow to be a towering tree in the travel industry!


PKFARE leads in sourcing, aggregating, and delivering vital information on air tickets and hotel accommodations, tailored to meet the needs of B2B clients. We seamlessly integrate with Global Distribution Systems (GDS), airlines, hotels and travel suppliers worldwide, granting access to real-time global inventory and competitive pricing. PKFARE offers live inventories covering 600+ airlines(400+ Full Service Carriers and 200+ Low Cost Carriers) and 650,000+ hotel properties across over 100 countries and regions. Our extensive reach has resulted in 2,000+ active clients worldwide.