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PKFARE Celebrates 10 Years of Excellence
10th anniversary

Today, PKFARE, a DerbySoft Company, celebrates its 10th anniversary, marking a decade of innovation and growth. The past 10 years have seen PKFARE developing into a larger organization, forming a stronger network of global partnerships, achieving faster revenue growth, and aiming higher with technology and business enhancements.

Our journey to revolutionize B2B travel technology began in 2014, with a modest 20-square-meter office housing a team of eight in Shenzhen, China. From humble beginnings, PKFARE extended its global footprint, establishing 14 offices and representations and employing over 280 talented people. By hiring local professionals, PKFARE is set to understand our partners’ demands better and provide timelier and quality services.

Our organizational growth is firmly rooted in a strong network of partnerships. Over the past 10 years, PKFARE has accumulated over 2,000 active, global clients. Thanks to the unwavering support of our partners, PKFARE has formed a vast network of 600+ airline partners and 650,000+ hotel properties across 100+ countries, with 47,600,000 flight tickets and 14,430,000 room nights sold over the past 10 years. PKFARE has been proud to grow with our customers by offering exceptional products and services that meet the evolving needs of the travel industry.

By empowering our partners growth, PKFARE has experienced accelerated revenue growth in recent years. Our sales in 2022 surpassed the pre-pandemic levels, while 2023 saw an impressive 100% YoY growth. We still maintain the momentum with rapid growth in 2024,” said Jason Song, President and Founder of PKFARE. I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to our partners and team members who have been the cornerstone of PKFAREs success. I believe that we are well-positioned to soar to a higher level of business in the coming years.

The 10th year also brought a significant milestone for PKFARE through an acquisition by DerbySoft, a global leader in hotel distribution and travel technology. DerbySoft is trusted by the world’s leading online travel distribution partners, global hotel companies, and a host of travel technology partners in 197 countries. In celebration of our 10th anniversary and a shared mission with DerbySoft, PKFARE unveiled a new logo that we anticipate, alongside DerbySoft, will empower PKFARE to extend our global network and enhance services in the travel distribution space.

Looking ahead, PKFARE will continue to push boundaries by pioneering product innovations, expediting content aggregation, and optimizing service capabilities to simplify global travel distribution and make the travel business easier. For every PKFARE employee, partners, customers, and stakeholders, thank you for being a part of PKFAREs story. Heres to the next decade of innovation, collaboration, and success!


PKFARE leads in sourcing, aggregating, and delivering vital information on air tickets and hotel accommodations, tailored to meet the needs of B2B clients. We seamlessly integrate with Global Distribution Systems (GDS), airlines, hotels and travel suppliers worldwide, granting access to real-time global inventory and competitive pricing. PKFARE offers live inventories covering 600+ airlines(400+ Full Service Carriers and 200+ Low Cost Carriers) and 650,000+ hotel properties across over 100 countries and regions. Our extensive reach has resulted in 2,000+ active clients worldwide.